Got access to GPT-4 Alpha on free version of ChatGPT

It seems like they were given to people for around three days and then taken away again.

Mines Alpha model has gone after 4 days

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Same , sad but I am assuming it was given to people to get more feedback on the GPT-4 model by letting free users try it and send freedback


Me too. I want to know if it will be pushed again in the future. I really want to use it. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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No one can, there’s absolutely no news, suddenly everyone can’t use it.

Created with GPT-Alpha

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Traumatizing start to the day. I had outsourced certain marketing project to GPT-Alpha and it produced results that shattered the imagination of our professional designers. It is wild!

GPT-4 Alpha is now GONE!, i had the Alpha, but when i opened this morning it is not visible? is it the case with everybody?

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Even i lost it i had it for like 2 to 3 days but it did not have the term “confidential” for me now its gone :pensive::pensive:
we can not continue with any conversation we had earlier done using GPT 4 model

The previous model used in this conversation is unavailable. We’ve switched you to the latest default model.

I had alpha …but today it is gone :sob:


Relieved to know that’s the case for everyone. I thought I got mine taken away due to me testing if it gives harmful response.

My mom got a week long trial to DogTV. “TV designed just for dogs”.

Once your dog is hooked, :dog: they take it away.

OpenAI might have been gathering model feedback and performance data from those most likely to test the alpha instead of sticking with their regular paid gpt-4 - but with a side effect of showing what one is missing from the free experience.

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lolz, I love the analogy, it’s very Pavlovian :dog2: , and yeah definitely to get feedback, but also to test server loads maybe. Don’t forget with a larger rollout they’ll need to gauge how the system performs under stress. I found that it started out pretty quick, and after a fair amount of use it got gradually slower, and eventually fell over. I’m assuming this was because of heavy loads. The GPT servers were all down at the same time last night as the alpha was removed, coincidence, I think not :thinking:. To your point about the marketing drive, I think a limited token free-ware with full GPT4 features would definitely handle that going forward, it’s just way better than 3.5

same here; been testing its limits lately. Reached dead ends quite often, thought they blocked me.

when is the last update for GPT 3.5? when asked, it sometimes replies for September 2022, January 2022, or still September 2021.

If you are in ChatGPT, the model they are using at a particular time for a particular account can vary. They have recently updated models in preview up to April 2023, but the AI also needs to be fine-tuned, and fine-tuned different than in the past, in order to answer this, which is why you might have varying answers if you are getting a new model.

Had it… Lost it.
Don’t know if it was supposed to be “temporary” or not, but had a good time with it.
But it lasted like 3 days… As far as I know it lasted from Monday to Yesterday (Wednesday, night)
Shame… Maybe they just want you to give it the taste and make you buy it then.


most likely, sampling an upgrade to potential heavy users.

my account is always the normal 3.5 version, not as a testing account for example GPT Alpha.

Free ChatGPT? You pay not in money, but in conversation that can be used to train AI models and feedback that expresses your satisfaction with occasional experiments that you aren’t informed of.