Getting plugin not found when deploy plugin into plugin store

When we test plugin with our service api locally everything works fine. but when we deploy our bits into azure (aks with ingress and azure application gateway) and try to add the plugin into store, we got the got 404 with Plugin not found error message via this request (

Here are the logs in our side, it seems calling the open api document via HEAD method and GET method.

As you can see from the attached image above, the HEAD request got 404 and GET request got 200. Can anyone help us understand or debug what the reason(s ) can cause the issue above? Is that because the HEAD request return as 404?

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A few general things to check:
If you’re using a reverse proxy or a web application firewall, ensure it’s correctly forwarding HEAD requests.
Check your AKS Ingress configurations, in some cases, ingress controllers can behave differently based on the type of request. Make sure your ingress configurations covers HEAD.
Also worth checking that your Azure Application Gateway is not potentially be the cause. Check its configuration to ensure it’s not blocking or improperly routing HEAD requests.

Thanks for the help. I did check the ingress and azure application gateway, both accept HEAD. I think the issue is that we use ASP.NET Core web API documentation with Swagger / OpenAPI | Microsoft Learn to generate the Open AI document rather than a physical file, so it doesn’t support HEAD. Also fun fact, if I choose deploy as develop own plugin, then it worked.

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Ok, well that’s good info to have, is it working for you now to level that you’re happy or do you have a ways to go yet?

Also thankyou for the detailed info, it will help someone else down the line 100%

I am using Swashbuckle command line to generate an open api physical file, deploying now and will let you know the result. But I would like to know the detail flow on how chatgpt discovery plugin via this request (

Update on this thread
It worked when use as physical file for unverified plugin option.

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