Get data from API in Custom GPT?

I want to build a customGPT where the data or a portion of data will be pulled from our server (CRM) through API.

Any idea how to achieve this or any relavant documention link?

Thanks in advance with love.

Make sure that the the company data from your crm can be shared with the OpenAI API / ChatGPT UI.

You can either use the function calling capability of a customGPT. If you’re lucky and your API is simple, this plus adding some text to the instructions of the bot is all you need. link

But if you need a more complex auth flow, some pre-processing of the data before it reaches OpenAI etc, you can build your middleware to work with the above, or to give those functions to an Assistant [docs] (Beta). The assistant can ask to run functions, you run them for it, give it the info in a formatted way, and then answer your question.

Again though, make sure that you should connect directly to the CRM (where some PII or confidential info may be), and what limits to the access a GPT or Assistant should have in your org (don’t give it auth levels that can access things it shouldn’t, even if you don’t give it links, others can in the messages)

Hi -

What kind of CRM server do you use? I’m curious. I’m building endpoints that fetch data from marketing platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, etc. I could probably give you some tips or pointers.