Connecting to GPTs through API

is it possible to connect to my custom GPTs through an API and have the same web search capabilities.

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To clarify, are you looking to GET or POST data from an API to a GPT, while also ensuring the GPT can use the Web Browsing “Capability”?

Or are you looking to communicate with the GPT via an API?

It’s for internal use on our internal company website. I developed GPTs that work perfectly for my use case, but it continues to limit the amount of usage.

I need the web browsing to function exactly as it does when I’m logged into ChatGPT. The prompts are long and specific.

essentially, I just need to move the GPTs over to a WordPress site and use my API limitd

Ah ok. As far as I know the only way to interact with a GPT currently is on ChatGPT itself. That may change but as of right now you can not “embed” or otherwise share your GPT outside of ChatGPT.

You can create a very similar experience to what you described by not building GPTs but using the OpenAI APIs. The Playground is a good place to start to learn about that. Others may be able to advise on that approach.

Have you tried building with Assistants api to create your own GPT?

i was able to get the same functionality with the assistant but does it have the ability to browse the web?

The assistants endpoint does not have the ability to access the internet.

It has the ability to call for tool functions that you provide.