Get Custom GPTs to another level

Hi! I’ve thought of some feature requests that could take GPTs to another level:

  • Sub-GPTs: As we all know, ChatGPT has many limitations, but many of them can be overcome by GPT-chaining or having GPTs prompt themselves. Therefore, it would be nice if a custom GPT, similar to how it handles functions, could also make requests to its own sub-GPTs.
  • Vector Databases: Vector databases are a powerful tool for working with large data and improving ChatGPT’s accuracy. Therefore, having a vector database accessible by GPT through OpenAI embeddings would be a great addition.
  • File/Data Sending through Actions: Finding a way to effectively send base64 encoded data in a function is essential.

Let me know what you think and if you would like to add anything else!


AI s I understand, GPTs are made for the general public. That is why they are deliberatly simplified in terms of the settings.

For the vector databases, cannot you integrate them through custom actions?

Yes! But that would be hosted by the creator, which requires the creator to manage the data and costs.