Sending info from one GPT to another GPT

Hi! I’ve created my own GPT and would like to send what’s generated to another customGPT (not created by me). Is this possible?


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Hi! Have you tried if using the @mention feature can do the trick for you? It will still require you to copy and paste the content you want to share but that’s the way how one can work with several Custom GPTs in a single conversation.

Hi! I have…it’s a kind of workaround BUT i wnast to do this on a mass scale for a client. Any ideas how to automate it? Thanks!

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The only way I can think of top of my head is using custom actions where the returns from one custom GPT are stored in a database and the other GPT will check if there is relevant new information to pull from said database.

In other words if there is a model reply that the customer or you think is useful you invoke the action to update the database and the customer can then retrieve it by asking their own GPT to first contact the database and then use the data as context going forward.


Nice, sounds like a good solution. Like via webhook?

The main restriction we are dealing with is the way how Custom GPTs actions are actually invoked. Since it is a chat interface we always need to send a chat message first. But we can configure the GPT to perform a specific task, like updating a database or retrieving data from it, via a custom action. And this custom action is called when sending a chat message.

You can likely configure your GPT to always start a conversation with an action to get the most current data from an external database but I am not aware of a way to automatically update the custom GPT of the customer or the database in the background without sending a request from the user interface.

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