Generate Art with DALL·E 2 and Twilio Serverless via SMS

I built this and wrote about it! Learn how to Generate Art with DALL·E 2 and Twilio Serverless via SMS.


Nice. Thanks for sharing.

Welcome to our little community.


It’s interesting when you think you have an original idea, but there are people working on it at the same time. A testament to your genius!

Seems like a great idea, thank you for sharing!

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I did something similar, but instead of sending SMS messages to DALL-E, mines is set up to let them send SMS queries to the chat system running on the site they are subscribed to. Sort of an AI Chat Auto Responder.

You know what the hardest part of this was? Getting a working Twilio number. It seems that since this blog was posted, the regulations for SMS messaging have changed. After signing up to Twilio, it took over a month to get my “Brand” registered and subsequent “Campaign” approved. I’m still waiting for Vonage, which I applied to at the same time.

I started with email, Query OpenAI Large Language Models via Email, then thought, wait, why not do text messaging as well?

Anyway, it’s working fairly well.

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