Tutorial: How to build an app using the OpenAI API

Hi everyone,

We’ve recently published a tutorial that demonstrates how to build a Business Name Generator web application that uses the OpenAI API:

It includes animated videos of each step, full code snippets, and even a starter app skeleton that you can download from GitHub.

The tutorial is aimed at PHP developers, as our example app uses PHP and the Laravel framework. However the concepts outlined in the tutorial would likely apply to other languages and frameworks.

It uses the completions endpoint, and includes an example of a prompt that can be used.

I welcome your feedback. Please let me know if you have any comments or questions :grinning:



For those of you who have read the tutorial, how did you find it?

Have you built anything interesting as a result?

Was the tutorial easy enough to follow? Did it lack any detail in particular sections?

Any suggestions on how it could be improved would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


There are several no-code and low-code solutions that are on the rise.

I paid homage to my son and posted an app I created with Retool to create images with dall-e integrated via the OpenAI API using javascript and mongo db.


The video above is not promotional or self-promotional or anything to sell, it is a tribute to my 3 year old son, I will leave the video as a suggestion.