FYI: The ChatGPT Plugin Model is currently giving 8k Responses to Code & other requests

If you haven’t noticed. the Plugin Model is currently the place to do your dev. I’m getting 8k responses on code requests. Like 250 lines or more of code in one shot. Also seems like it “might” be GPT-4 even though it says otherwise.

Let’s hope it’s here to stay.


So nice think how powerful this thing. Is getting

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My guess is gpt-4 as well. certainly seems more like the gpt-4 api model than the gpt-3.5-turbo api model in its responses.

(Hypothesis: this is one reason plugin developer access is so restricted. using the gpt-4 api is way more expensive than the cost of my chatGPT plus subscription, given the dozens of interactions I have every day working on my plugins - openai is heavily subsidizing plugin developers.)