Frustrations with Unresponsive Support and Account Blockage by ChatGPT Staff

I’m experiencing difficulties as the ChatGPT staff is not addressing my inquiries. My account has been blocked, and despite reaching out to their help center, I’ve only received automated replies with no resolution to my specific request. This is a disappointing experience with the OpenAI team, as my account has been terminated without any evidence of unsupported locations, also the transaction was done without otp from my account.

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Could you share what country you live in, please?

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i am living in Pakistan and i have only open my account in one laptop and my own mobile app,

Your country is allowed to use OpenAI’s services so my only other guess would be that your account got hacked or you use a VPN.

no i never use vpn , this is the issue from there side , it was not hacked but deactivated

The only thing you can do is send an email to support through the bubble in the bottom right corner at It may take a couple of weeks to get a response.