Free Trial Base models

Hello everyone !

Which model is used in the free version ?

° Ada
° Babbage
° Curie
° Davinci

and same questions for Dall°E 2 :grinning:

Thank you everyone for your answer

I think, it’s the Davinci model because when I see my usage ( when it was free ) I see that

Ok it’s confirm in the tutorial my bad

There is not a free version of any model except for codex. The pricing can be found on openai’s pricing page. When you make an account to access gpt-3, you get $18 of free credit. In other words, you can use any gpt-3 model that you have access to for free, up to $18. Keep in mind that the credits expire after 3 months.

As for Dall E 2, you can also find the pricing page on the openai website. Instead of getting $18 worth of completions, you get 15 free credits every month. If you need more, you can buy them.


Thank you for your reply SecMovPuz !

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How did u get the free tokens? i cant find mine and i get no reaction from the openai support

Check on your account → usage. Do you have a free trial usage like that or not ?

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No i have this

When was your 1st registration on OpenAi ? Because with the API these tokens expire after 3 months.

I there any way i can find it? I logged in with Google for the first time a few weeks ago