Finetuning davinci job stuck in pending for over 20 hours

I am trying to finetune my finetuned davinci mode further. I have done this before without any problems. However, my job has been stuck now for over 22 hours. Is finetuning backed up?

fine-tuning is more popular; it seems with the recent announcement of gpt-3.5-turbo it is the buzzword and everyone thinks it’s the solution to every application.

There’s occasionally been long delays similar to a day, even notifications popping up here. The biggest problems noted on (a link at the bottom of this forum page)

also note, you’ve got three months left of original davinci

Thank you for trying to help out!
No status update was made yesterday regarding it being down / having issues, hence my post. My finetuning job a day ago completed within a few hours.
Yes, we are aware of it being deprecated.

It would be nice if status had “file processing wait time” and “training queue time”, but one can see how that would only cause embarrassment.

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