Fine tuning job "Waiting" for hours


MY fine tuning job has been “Waiting” for hours. Is this normal? Previously fine tuning jobs only took a couple minutes to begin. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing similar issues today.

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To clarify - it says current status is “Waiting”. The latest message says “Files validated, moving job to queued state”

Thanks for taking the time to report this. We’re aware of the issue and it’s due to a large spike in demand. Jobs are being processed though we are seeing elevated queue wait times. We will attempt to scale the infrastructure even further today to try and alleviate these wait times.

John Allard

Hi John, thanks for the reply. That makes sense, and good to know it’s due to demand.

Much appreciated.

I’m having the same issue, how long do I expect it to be normal?

I am having the same issue. How long will it take?