Fine-tuning model getting stuck without any queue?

I’ve created a job to fine-tune a davinci model, based on a jsonl file, using the following command:

env OPENAI_API_KEY=$OPENAI_API_KEY openai api fine_tunes.create -t <PATH_TO_DATA> -m davinci --suffix <INSERT_SUFFIX>

This was a couple of hours ago. When I use follow to check the progress:

env OPENAI_API_KEY=$OPENAI_API_KEY openai api fine_tunes.follow -i <INSERT_ID>

I still haven’t got a queue number:

[2023-01-11 18:23:47] Created fine-tune: <ID>
[2023-01-11 18:26:02] Fine-tune costs $1.27
[2023-01-11 18:26:04] Fine-tune enqueued

Does anyone else have this problem currently?

Welcome to the forum.

There’s been a few issues recently. You might want to check this thread…

Did you check and see if the model is available in Playground?

Hi and thanks for the quick answer!

I’ve read through the thread, but it seems like it’s connected to something else? I don’t get any error, it just gets stuck in a pending state.

When I run the following:

openai api fine_tunes.list

I can see the job with "status": "pending".

Oh! Now suddenly it seems like I got placed in the queue. That’s weird that it took so long to even show up in the queue. Might be the pure load OpenAI is experiencing…

[2023-01-11 21:26:06] Fine-tune is in the queue. Queue number: 31
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