Fine tuning enqueued for hours, no queue number

Anyone else having problems fine tuning? It just gets enqueued for hours, and it doesn’t give me a queue number. Stream keeps disconnecting too. Reconnecting over and over again, but seeing no progress.

[2022-12-03 04:35:03] Created fine-tune: ft-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[2022-12-03 04:35:20] Fine-tune costs $4.22
[2022-12-03 04:35:20] Fine-tune enqueued


same issue for a couple days now (queue isn’t even moving).

Frustrating, to say the least…

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Same here. I lounch a fine-tuning event on Friday 12/02 at around 7 AM UTC and it worked like a charm. Later on at about 10 AM UTC also on Friday 12/02 I got stuck.

  1. First the job were enqueued, but the queue never moved
  2. Later on the jobs were not even enqueued.
    There has been more almost 36 hours by now and no change, no improvement.
    Could we have some information from the technical team?

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay. Finetuning should be working again as of a few hours ago.

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Yes! I was using it yesterday regularly!
Thanks a lot @hallacy !

Having an issue with fine-tune jobs being stuck at Queue 0 (Zero), and never actually starting. This has been going on for quite a while. The same job was moving through the short queue and running without any problems yesterday. Any ideas?

[2022-12-10 13:58:07] Created fine-tune: ft-6oR96Jx90Rwj*************
[2022-12-10 13:58:15] Fine-tune costs $xxxxxxxxxx
[2022-12-10 13:58:16] Fine-tune enqueued. Queue number: 0

I have the same problem with the following details:
[2022-12-22 15:29:08] Fine-tune costs $73.80

[2022-12-22 15:29:08] Fine-tune enqueued

Have you reached out to support? They might be having problems…

Good luck!