Fine-tune models is pending almost 3 days

cli: openai api fine_tunes.follow -i ft-9kfO4VOi9DBaJ1LaCWGXSh7n

[2023-05-12 21:19:01] Created fine-tune: ft-9kfO4VOi9DBaJ1LaCWGXSh7n
[2023-05-12 21:27:15] Fine-tune costs $0.04
[2023-05-12 21:28:10] Fine-tune enqueued. Queue number: 0

cli: openai api fine_tunes.follow -i ft-Lgnb4sVBgZ8paVejAsh9DRCg

[2023-05-12 21:27:01] Created fine-tune: ft-Lgnb4sVBgZ8paVejAsh9DRCg

How many samples is your dataset? I assume based on the cost ($0.04) that it’s a very small number?

If it helps for comparison, I recently ran a fine-tune job that had ~180 samples and finished in about 20 minutes.

Thats something happens with OpenAI Queue process. And I wanna find out how we can manage it and what we should do