Fine tuning is not working from Python Code

I’m trying to fine tune a Curie Model from a Python code.
I have uploaded the file but unfortunately the model is not getting fine tuned rather it the response is just “Created”. The fine tuned model name is always None.
Sample response:
<FineTune fine-tune id= JSON: {
“created_at”: 1683812163,
“events”: [
“created_at”: 1683812163,
“level”: “info”,
“message”: “Created fine-tune: ”,
“object”: “fine-tune-event”
“fine_tuned_model”: null,
“hyperparams”: {
“batch_size”: null,
“learning_rate_multiplier”: null,
“n_epochs”: 4,
“prompt_loss_weight”: 0.01
“id”: “”,
“model”: “curie”,
“object”: “fine-tune”,
“organization_id”: “<ORG_ID>”,
“result_files”: ,
“status”: “pending”,
“training_files”: [
“bytes”: 15065,
“created_at”: 1683812148,
“filename”: “file”,
“id”: “<File_ID>”,
“object”: “file”,
“purpose”: “fine-tune”,
“status”: “processed”,
“status_details”: null
“updated_at”: 1683812163,

Code: fine_tune_response = openai.FineTune.create(training_file=file_id)
I have waited for the response for hours and also executed the code multiple times but the fine-tuned model is not getting created.