How to train and fine tune data on my business

Hello, I am developer and wanted to train chatgpt with my data. I have read multiple articles about it but none of them seem to have a clear vision. Can anyone please guide me with the apis to use to train and fine tune my model. Thanks in advance.

You cannot fine-tune ChatGPT. ChatGPT is a application, not a model

You can fine tune a number of base models using the OpenAI API, and if you read the API doc and associated pages, you will have all you need to enjoy fine-tuning:

OpenAI API: Fine-Tuning


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Yes, sorry meant fine tuning the model. Thanks for your reply. Just a quick question. whenever I am retrieving fine tune using openai.retrieveFineTune() api I am getting the following response

validation_files: ,
result_files: ,
created_at: 1676548576,
updated_at: 1676548576,
status: ‘pending’,
fine_tuned_model: null,

Can you let me know why I am not getting the name of my trained model?

Because your new fine-tuned model is “pending” so the cake is not baked yet.

When the cake is baked, the system will assign the model a shiny, new name :slight_smile:

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How much time does it take to generally assign a name to model?

That depends on the size of the JSONL file and the number of n_epochs you selected (and maybe other params I have not tested completely).

These days, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours, or more.

I ran 32 n_epochs on a single-line JSONL a few days ago and it took four hours.