File upload capability has disappeared for GPT-4

I cannot possibly be the only person to notice this. For the last week, the ability to upload files to gpt-4 for the data analysis beta. The once-familiar plus sign for file upload has been replaced with an image upload icon (see screen snapthot) for any any new chat I begin.

I can go back to older chats in my sidebar where I’d uploaded files and those do have the plus sign still. Obviously this isn’t ideal. I don’t want to “pollute” my old chats by having to use them to upload and work with files I’d like to separate into a new chat.

Yes, I’ve tried clearing everything possible in my browser history, logging out and back in again, disabling and re-enabling the beta, etc. Nothing works.

Again, surely, I am not the only person who is seeing this?

has been limited to images only.

One must select the GPT-4 mode “advanced data analysis” for a new conversation in order to upload files to the Python sandbox.

You are in the default GPT-4 with vision.

Thank you for the reply.

Sorry, I don’t understand. I DO HAVE advanced data analysis enabled. This is done, as per OpenAI, through the settings options in my profile.

Additionally, ANY file I upload via the remaining + icon in my old chats cannot be understood by gpt-4. Text, HTML, MS Word, PDF, css… gpt-4 crashes with an error message apologizing for not being able to understand the contents of the file.

To reiterate, the + icon is only available on older chats. It’s completely gone for new chats. According to every online resource I can find, the way to get that icon there and upload files is to simply go into settings and enable the advanced analysis beta, which I have done.

Up at the top of the new conversation screen, there is the selection with 3.5 or 4. When you select 4, there is a drop-down menu that has multiple options. You should see the “advanced data analysis” mode there (along with Browse with Bing, etc). Select. Chat. Upload. Report.

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Thank you for the clarification. Yes, that was the problem. Egg on my face, humble pie eaten, and a big thank you for setting me straight. I’m still a little baffled why advanced analysis was enabled by default for so many of my new chats and then suddenly not, but perhaps my memory is just faulty here. Thanks so much for getting me back on track

Hi I noticed that they remove the capability to reply with a document. I created a GPT that replyed succesfully with a formated doccument. Now that is not possible anymore. They provably realized that millions of jobs will be gone with that functionallity?.