Feedback on GPT-4 limits in ChatGPT Plus

The GPT-4 model was limited to 100 messages in 4 hours. Now it seems to be limited to 50 for the same time. I think it should be more transparent what the limit is, before you buy ChatGPT Plus. I heard of many people that just bought ChatGPT Plus for GPT-4. The only official statement that I could find is that there is a “dynamic limit”. Maybe the current limit should be shown somewhere?

I also think that it should be (tokens / time) instead of (messages / time). When a user submits a long text and asks many small questions about it, it’s certainly less computing power, than when a user sends many huge texts to summarize, or generating long content with it.

Are there any estimates, how fast the servers will be scaled up, or the time it takes to make the model more efficient?


I agree. Looking for a place to get a refund. I didn’t buy a capped service. You never stipulated that on the sales page… but by all means, treat the paying customers worse than the free customers. sustainable business model you have there.


Agree. Didnt buy a capped service, no visible mention of the cap before purchase. also: speed not improved. please refund asap.



Agree with above. I’ll stop paying for the service soon.


I am using ChatGPT + GPT-4 to build w/ code (I not a professional programmer; I am an indie consultant w/ an MBA + a decade of startup / PM experience who does project-/results-based work for clients), and it has been an insane boon … huge boost in productivity, and I’m solving real problems, including saving myself >$200 in just a few minutes: Christian Ulstrup on LinkedIn: #python #ai #whisper #openai

I am now consistently running into the GPT-4 cap, which is driving me nuts and preventing me from making additional progress.

Also, the context window isn’t long enough, and GPT keeps “forgetting” critical information as I ask it for help in updating a Python app I’m working on.

I would HAPPILY pay more for more GPT-4 (and a faster version if that’s even possible) with a bigger context window. Please consider making this possible, OpenAI team!


I am also using ChatGPT for help in coding.
ChatGPT 3.5 is of not much use in that.
ChatGPT 4 is great. I have no much issue about speed, that’s tolerable.

But answers keep breaking half way and I have to keep asking it to complete and incomplete answers are also considered in quota. Some times it misses giving proper answers, but that’s also considered in cap. So, some times it consumes whole quota to get complete answer!

OpenAI should not consider broken answers in the cap count.

If OpenAI says that ChatGPT-4 is limited preview access with Plus subscription, But they should increase the limit to at-least 100 complete answers in 3 hours


Agreed - paying for a capped service and then also not even knowing when the cap is coming is poor design for a team that is “leading the pack”… Not even able to upgrade, either


OK I’m offended - I’m paying for the service from Australia and my GPT-4 cap is 25 messages per 3 hours. Is the discrepancy (100 messages per 4 hours for OP) a regional thing or for some other reason?

Also how about the option of tradeoffs between availability and total messages cap (subject to server load) I for one would much prefer to have the option of something like a 6 hour session with increased message cap (in order to fully delve into the intricacies of whatever the current prompt I was investigating in a natural flow) and then come back tomorrow instead of being stifled for the duration of the 24 hour period.


No you won’t. Chat GPT is literally life changing. You won’t go back.

Oh yes, I am seriously considering unsubscribing. GPT4 (in ChatGPT) has significantly reduced its capabilities, in a completely opaque manner, and it no longer offers many noticeable advantages over the free version. I’m willing to pay double to regain the original power it had in March… but my wish is to have transparency regarding what I am subscribing to.

Yes, when you decide to use it for something serious and suddenly it stops working it is really frustrating. I can feel that now. I don’t want to create a new account so I don’t have to stop working in the middle of something. OpenAI, please put more attention to this problem.

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I just bought it, and I think this is very misleading , I discovered only after buying it, it should be very very clear.

I was planning in using all the time, and it seemed like a good deal, now with 25 messages, i can’t finish a single feature using it to help me, it should be refundable

It shows the corporation values from the start

I’ve noticed for the past 2-3 days, i’m able to go way above the 25 messages with chatgpt 4, anyone experiencing this?
however i miss the 25 messages cap if i’m honest because for some reason, the outputs i was getting was actually WAY WAY WAY better, noticeably better… while i can now seem to be able to keep going with new chats, i seem to be getting a lobotomised shell of what what gpt-4 was

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Absolutely terrible to cap a paid service AFTER getting subscribers. Not good, guys.

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I’m cancelling today because the message cap is prohibitively limiting. I can use the service for 10-20 minutes before hitting the limit. I love the app but it’s a waste of money to pay for it if this is all you get for your money.

6/27/23 … & ChatGPT4 issues just continue to grow while performance continues to degrade. Sad.


It doesn’t make any kind of sense to keep paying for a literal scam, you can’t tell the costumers that they are using a capped version only AFTER paying, it should be advertised before, not cool guys

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I got this message today and I pay for ChatGPT Plus - VERY DISAPPOINTED and I am sure I did not send more than 30 prompts:

Hey OPENAI - time to resolve this issue urgently.

anyone have any luck getting a refund because of the limit cap? Honestly extremely annoying just let me spread my wings and fly!

I use gpt plus every day for work because it’s REQUIRED NOW, but I hit the cap (25) within an hour even when I’m trying creative ways to reduce the amount of entries I use.

I’ve tried to pay for a second gpt plus, but it will not allow me to do that so …when I’ve hit my cap in one account the other one is also capped even though I’ve paid for the service. I don’t get why if I paid that it’s not working. Big companies are paying and they have multiple accounts under their business. I have a business too. Why can’t I have multiple accounts?

Because of AI, I’m now expected to work at a certain speed and have a super high output.

Also, isn’t gpt plus FOR business? The free version is for those who want to plan their diet or something. Plus users are using it for work! OpenAI created the problem that now all of my clients are expecting super high output and I can’t even deliver on it!

What am I supposed to tell my clients!? How am I supposed to get new clients when they all expect super high output? If it’s not usable for business then what is the point?

If they are going to lower the cap again, it makes me think that they’re slowly phasing out gpt? OR for the love of GOD please have a higher tier subscription already!

Can you introduce roll over credits?!