Feedback on GPT-4 limits in ChatGPT Plus

I’m in US and I have the 25 per 3 hours :confused: I’ve never had a 100 or 50 cap :confused:

Can someone please tell me the limit for chatgpt plus? I am thinking getting the subscription, but can’t find out how many messages I get. It’s weird that this information isn’t available clearly when I click on the link for the “Plus” subscription.

I am based in India. Few months ago, it was 25 messages per three hours. So how much will it be now?

EDIT: I went ahead and got it. It’s still 25 messages per 3 hours. I am not sure if that’s based on region (India). And I am not seeing code interpreter. I thought that was now available worldwide.

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Instead of buying the plus subscription just use the playground and set it to GPT - 4. It will be costly if you try to use it as much as GPT - 3.5 but no rate limits.

The rate limit is getting really frustrating. I’m using the model for work and opted to subscribe back before GPT4 was released to get around the access limitation during peak traffic times. Then GPT4 was introduced and I suddenly get a cap. Note that the default model refuses to perform to the same level when preserving task complexity, so it’s really inadequate (otherwise, why subscribe when it’s scaled properly?). This needs to get fixed ASAP. I don’t get why OpenAI would offer subscriptions if it can’t make good on them. It’s like buying a trial/beta product. Why are they adding extra features, like code interpreter, if the can’t offer unlimited access to the basic service people paid for in the first place?

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+1. For now I use it with a mixture of options to work around the rate limits by using a combination of options:

  1. ChatGPT Plus GPT 4 + GPT3.5
  2. OpenAI API for GPT3.5/4
  3. Google Bard
  4. Perplexity AI
  5. Bing Chat
  6. Phind

Just got gpt plus in AU with a 25 message limit per 3 hours. This is really deceiving,

At this stage I wisher there were extensions on gpt3.5 which is very fast with plus.
If you want UNLIMITED GPT 4 I’d recommend using a 3rd party UI and the Open AI GPT 4 api as you’ll have access to far more features and it will cost you a similar amount with no limit.

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This is what a couple of people I know are doing; one with a fully custom setup (built with ChatGPT, ironically), and the other using one of the “chat with your documents” tools from github, modified to just function as a chat interface with their own GPT-4 key.

A bit too cumbersome for my usage though. :confused:

I’m not here to argue with the company, but I also strongly agree with:

  1. I think it should be more transparent what the limit is, before you buy ChatGPT Plus.
  2. just bought ChatGPT Plus for GPT-4

If anything, give the user some sense of how much they have used. Like a circle that fills or whatever. I was literally cruising through a study sesh and then bam i can’t use it again for an hour.


Given the issue of capped messaging and even capped character/word counts, for us ChatGPT Plus subscribers, if there was a subscriber tier in place, where paying for a higher tier would enable high maximums, I’d be glad to pay a reasonable increase in my monthly subscription price. Seems like that could be a win-win for both users and OpenAI?

Also, it would sure be nice to have some sort of dashboard which showed you what you current message count is, per your 3 hour block. Drives me crazy with anxiety not knowing how close I am to the 50 message / 3 hour cap.

Lastly, anyone know why it’s per 3 hours? Seems like an unusual timeframe window.

It’s funny how quickly we have become reliant on tools like this. The before-times seem like a rapidly fading memory, more and more, every day :slight_smile:


I’m curious what situations you find ChatGPT4 can help you with coding where 3.5 would not have been able to? I’ve only used 3.5 and it has been able to answer nearly all my coding questions. So as far as I know paying for ChatGPT4 would not have been a noticeable improvement.

I just got this message for the first time:
“You’ve reached our limit of messages per 24 hours. Please try again later.”

I encountered a similar issue yesterday. The message I received was as follows:
“You’ve reached our limit of messages per 24 hours. Please try again later.”

It appears that they have imposed restrictions on both GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 Turbo.

Moreover, on Thursday, there were notable disruptions:

31 Aug 2023
Major outage 3 hrs 12 mins

Agree, it seems that is giving you a limit that they not inform in the first place.

Please, solve this issue! it’s a great tool but we begin to reach a point where we consider to use other alternatives.

I need help with my project because of my time shortage. can anyone suggest if I should buy Gptplus or not? Like if I put 1000 line code can it help me solve my problem?
Or it is better to use gpt 3.5 with shorter codes?

please let me know if anyone has any idea.

With GPT 4 you can also send files. so no need to be worried about it

I’m in the UK, I’m sure my limit was 50 per/3 hour but just noticed that it is now only 40. As if it’s not bad enough that the service has been unstable the last couple of weeks, not the cap is reduced - Really unhappy!

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I have been using ChatGPT Plus for almost a year and for 8 to 12 hours a day and i mean heavy use. up to prompts and outputs of 100s of messages per hour and was never limited upto about a week ago. I am now pulling my hairs out in frustration that it now seems every hour of use i get capped and have to wait about 2 hours to use again. Going from unlimited use to hour on 2 hours off has got me ready to unsubscribe and find another solution. This is unacceptable fir a paying customer and needs to be fixed asap.


Yes, this is very unprofessional from OpenAI, and I am seriouly considering to stop my subscription.

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Yea I’m pretty frustrated with this out of no where limit. I use ChatGPT for various things. Coding for work, Generating art for a game that I am making, and helping me brainstorm content for that game as well. So I hit that limit extremely quickly and paying $20 a month to get limited pretty quickly and having to wait like 3 hours to be able to use it again is extremely frustrating…

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Yeah honestly this reduced limit nonsense is infuriating. It can literally take it 10 or more attempts just to get a response that is even close to what I was looking for, or even just to get it to give me a full response without crashing yet they still use up a query even though you didnt get a response.

In the 12 months Ive been a GPT plus member ive just seen the limits getting lower and the responses getting worse. Its almost like it got a virus or something when they let it access the internet.

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