Feedback: Make all conversations temporary by default, add option to keep them mid-conversation

I use chatGPT interchangeably with Google, so keeping my chats means my history gets cluttered quite quickly. I don’t need to revisit most of my conversations though, specifically the ones made from the mobile app, but some I do need to revisit, and currently I have no way of distinguishing the two.

The “temporary chat” button helps a bit, but I need to turn it on every time. Additionally, in many occasions I start the conversation not knowing whether it will result in something fruitful or not, which affects the decision of whether to keep the conversation in my history or not.

Overall, the current setup makes it relatively difficult to revisit interesting conversations, or requires a lot of housekeeping. My suggestions would be:

  1. Make all chats temporary by default, allow me to mark the ones I want to keep. This can be done also by an option to mark all chats temporary, and then providing the option to keep a temporary conversation.
  2. Add a separate bookmarking feature. I can then ignore the history (or go back to it whenever I need to) and use my bookmarks. Ideally, allow me to see my bookmarked conversations in the side-panel instead of my history.

Im using ChatGPT exactly as you do and i am facing the exact problem. They took away the option to disable saving history so we are left with no convinent ways to do this.

I have found a work-around which personally is perfect, i hope it works for you and for everyone else.

When i type the first characters of the url to ChatGPT, Chromium autocompletes it with the saved url that i typed initially. When you type “ch” you get the URL of the website (btw im not allowed to include links) which by default directs you to a new chat with the default options. When you set the temporary option to on for a new chat, it adds at the end of the URL “/?temporary-chat=true”. So my work-around is deleting the previous suggestion and typing manually the URL with the option, so everytime i type “c” or “ch” i instantly go to a new temporary chat.

It seems that this work-around will be perfect for you, because it will only make new chats temporary on your PC and not on your smartphone. Hope it helps.