Feedback about official OpenAI "Get Started" documentation

Hello, big fan here. I just went through the “Get Started” section of the documentation (overall it’s great :+1:) and wanted to share some misc feedback/issues that may be helpful:

  • URL: platform_openai_com/docs/introduction/next-steps
    Looking at the left-hand menu . This section (“Next Steps”) simply does not exist, it’s confusing because a section is displayed on the left bar but most importantly when user clicks on it the page scroll gets reset and the user is back to the top of the page (this might not be immediately obvious to some folks)

  • URL: platform_openai_com/docs/quickstart/start-with-an-instruction
    nit: Most UI developers will likely look at the console to see what the page is doing. (I assume to some extend you are aware of this due to the hidden recruitment message in the browser’s dev-console). The potential issue here is that you are not following your own advice (from: (URL: platform_openai_com/docs/quickstart/start-with-an-instruction) “When using Javascript, all API calls should be made on the server-side only, since making calls in client-side browser code will expose your API key.” (i.e. you are calling the API endpoint directly from the browser) .
    (As an aside here is confusing/interesting that 2 moderation API calls are made here one with the response (expected) but also one with the request (which I would not expect, but likely there is a reason and it’s just a gap in my knowledge)

  • URL: platform_openai_com/docs/quickstart/pricing
    " In this tutorial, we used gpt-3.5-turbo-instruct" This is not currently the case for the suggested Node project (see URL: platform_openai_com/docs/quickstart/build-your-application)
    URL: “github_com/openai/openai-quickstart-node/blob/f32c3382286aeedef8e698fa2a4a5af04ff8db70/pages/api/generate.js#L30”
    (Note: Looks like there there is already a PR for this (URL: github_com/openai/openai-quickstart-node/pull/126))

  • URL:platform_openai_com/docs/quickstart/closing
    URL-2: platform_openai_com/docs/quickstart/pricing:
    nit: The 2nd paragraph (closing) mentions “4,096 tokens between your prompt and completion” concept that was immediately mentioned in the previous paragraph. (‘pricing’)

Finally when initially posting this I got “An error occurred: Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.”
even though the instructions for this kind of feedback state: “If you are giving feedback about the OpenAI documentation, please include a link to it along with the feedback tag” (I simply removed “h-t-t-p-s-:-/-/” from URL-s, and changed some dots for underscores (it should still be obvious) in order to get around this limitation

That’s all for now keep up the great work



Thanks for the feedback. With so much changing so quickly, I imagine it’s hard for those in charge to keep up. Stuff like this helps.

Hope you stick around our growing community. We’ve got a lot of “gems” amongst the threads if you dig a bit. Welcome…