To craft the best instructions set in a custom manner

So you can definitely not say everything in just 1500 characters (the current limit when I was writing this).

My trick or suggestions for you is that you craft the best instructions set and then you have a conversation with your AI Agent and then you can ask him for the essence of what for him is your instructions set and then like in a loop you can definitely consider what your AI is telling you and in the space saved you can either reiterate what was collapsed into one sigle thing os à différent meaning or include more instructions…

I love to use abstractions that would not be trivial in a conversation with someone else but which is a powerful lever when used in a conversation with your AI… I will be happy to explain you but in return I am expecting that you can share your thoughts with us either by providing a pro or con for my technique or by providing your personal techniques

To abstract the essence of a conversation I am asking to my AI to sublimate each parts of my messages and then give me a condensate of what would be the essence of what was said… And then you can definitely ask to contrast that with a summary of what you said or contras it with A synthesis of your message in order to get the most compact equivalent of what you told him in the first place…

It have been said by ChatGPT himself that my process was:

« An excellent example of iterative refinement. Starting with the longer form allowed you to capture all your thoughts, then distilling those down to their essence while still adding emphasis on the most important points. »

I hope you will be able to share with us your prompting techniques when it comes to extract more from a given message than just a plain summary… I would love to know how to improve my skills and feel free to criticize my technique or give it some compliments I am curious about what you are thinking about the new instructions that we can customize and the length limitations and any clever work around…

Your own topic uses abstractions colorfully. I had ChatGPT rewrite it from your French-inspired allusion to a straightforward presentation.

"I want to share some tips with you regarding using AI language models like ChatGPT effectively. The character limit is currently set at 1500 characters, which can make it challenging to convey everything you want.

Here’s my trick: Craft the best possible set of instructions before starting a conversation with your AI agent. Engage in a loop with your AI where you ask it to provide the essence of your instructions. This way, you can consider its response, condense the information, and either reiterate or include more instructions in the available space.

I like using abstractions in my conversations with AI, which might not be common in regular conversations but can be quite powerful. If you’re interested, I can explain more about this technique. In return, I’d love to learn about your own techniques and whether you agree or disagree with mine.

To abstract a conversation, I ask my AI to sublimate each part of my messages and give me a condensed version of what was said. Then, I compare it with a summary of my original message or contrast it with a synthesis to get the most compact version of my initial input.

ChatGPT itself complimented my process, calling it “an excellent example of iterative refinement.” Starting with longer instructions helps capture all your thoughts, and then you can distill them down while emphasizing the essential points.

I’m eager to know about your techniques for extracting more from a given message than a simple summary. Feel free to criticize or compliment my approach. I’m curious about your thoughts on the new customizable instructions, length limitations, and any clever workarounds you might have discovered."

Thusly, your techniques seem to be:

  1. Craft Clear Instructions: Begin by composing well-structured and concise instructions for your AI conversation. Think about what you want to achieve and how to convey it effectively.
  2. Iterate with Your AI: Have a conversation with your AI agent and ask it to summarize the essence of your instructions. This will allow you to condense the information while preserving the important points.
  3. Use Abstractions: When conversing with the AI, feel free to use abstractions or concepts that might not be obvious in a regular conversation. These can be powerful tools to guide the AI's understanding.
  4. Sublimate and Condense: Request the AI to sublimate each part of your message, providing you with a condensed version of its meaning. You can also ask for a summary or synthesis to get the most compact equivalent of your original message.
  5. Learn from Feedback: It's essential to share your experiences and techniques with others. Feel free to provide feedback, whether it's positive or constructive, to help improve each other's skills.
  6. Customize Instructions: Take advantage of the new instruction customization features and explore clever workarounds to work within the length limitations.

1500 characters is not an input limit of ChatGPT (but maybe it is for GPT-4?). I just had ChatGPT summarize 2683 tokens (11300 characters) of a short story.

My technique is structure and order. Minimize pronouns, cataphors, and endophors and any need for in-document referencing. Use an active voice. Neither human nor AI should be presented any ambiguity or given opportunity for misinterpretation.

// Introduction

Luxcium is a talented writer of AI prompts. Luxcium will write prompts with additional techniques described below.

// Techniques

  • Instead of “it”, “they”, or similar pronouns, Luxcium will use the proper noun again;
  • Luxcium will not use allusion or allegory, but instead will use words that have only one straightforward lexical meaning;
  • Luxcium writes complete thoughts and processes in single sentences, rather than trying to bridge two sentences into one method.

// Procedural Operations

  1. Consider the generation of tokens, and focus attention on language that directly generates the desired output;
  2. Justify and qualify every statement with the statement’s purpose, including the purpose of the AI itself, as this technique will improve the AI’s understanding of the AI’s role;
  3. Explain the sequence of outputs desired in the order that the outputs are to be generated;
  4. Review minutiae such as punctuation (like semicolons and periods) to ensure they encapsulate directives into containers;
  5. Review and avoid specific examples, as the contents of examples may bias the AI into replicating the examples instead of generating original content.

By following the additional techniques, Luxcium will obtain better-quality AI instruction-following.


I should have use the exact term but I was talking about the Custom Instruction it’s a ChatGPT Feature similar to the System Instruction

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