Failed to upload file to a vector store


I have tried from the API to upload a file to a Vector Store and apparently it is uploaded successfully.

However, from the web interface, when I go to that Vector Store, the file I just uploaded appears as “failed”:

I have done the same process of uploading it from the web interface to the Vector Store but the same problem happens.

The funny thing is that when I try to delete this failed file, it remains in process forever and is never deleted:

What’s more, if I select another vector store, the page crashes.

The file is a txt with the following content:


I have tried with other accepted file formats but I have the same problem.

Can anyone tell me why this happens?

Any suggestion is welcome. Thank you.

Facing same issue with the web interface, trying to upload a 20mb .txt file which is failing while a much smaller succeeds

The maximum file size is 512 MB. Each file should contain no more than 5,000,000 tokens per file (computed automatically when you attach a file).

20M bytes can exceed the 5M token limit, especially in plain text files where there is no overhead to discard and there is data not in natural language (that would have very poor semantic search results).

I reduced the file to 6mb and below the 5m token limit and still facing same issue while attaching file to a new vector store…uploading of file is successful but attching it when it fails and then I cannot deleted the file but instead delete the entire store and repeat the steps with same issue. The file is financial data in csv format but uploaded as a .txt file. This has worked a few days back and it seems to be an issue today

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Hello, I got the file to load for me.

Transform the file content into JSON format (I used an online CSV to JSON converter for testing).

I also tested it in DOCX and it worked (I used an online TXT to DOCX converter for testing).