Facing a login issue when i try to login

Hi there!

I’m sam from Bangladesh

When I try to login my Chatgpt account it shows

We ran into an issue while authenticating you. If this issue persists, please contact us through our help center at https://help.openai.com.

Can you suggest me a solution?

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I also encountered this problem, is this a common phenomenon?

Same problem for me. Started about 15 minutes ago.
Trying to login to https://platform.openai.com/.

If your login details are saved in browser, try pausing for a short time after you click your user name, before you click the password. I found that for me, signing in to quickly may trigger something to cause an issue. I didn’t have any issue signing in just now.

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When I login to ChatGPT it will show: How can I help you toda?

I find it deeply disconcerting to be asked for verification of my humanity by an artificial intelligence that adamantly insists that I am a robot.