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I’m using the openai api to create automated blog post. I want that blog post include external links and embedded youtube videos, but results are not good so far, links are not clickable and/or give a 404 response. And the api does not provide youtube videos. Please suggest alternative ways to automatically include links and videos inside the post, with or without the openai api.


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The links you see are model’s hallucinations.

If you want to include the the links, you’d have to supply them along with a video title/description as context to the model in the API call.


You mean that i’ll need to include the specific urls of videos and links that i want to include?

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Precisely, because the models don’t have access to the internet.

You can either manually include the links and descriptions or build a custom solution that uses the model to first write a query. Then, use a search API to find videos on the internet, and finally populate them for another API call that will generate content with those links.


I’ve been trying to fix the non-clickable links as well… I’ve been experimenting with instructing the GPT to do an internet search as a mandatory step, and then show a link to the result.

@brainogen what’s the context for the adding links to the blog posts in your case? Citations or affiliate links?

Both, I want to include several types of links @jeevikagunasekaran

You are going to have to prompt the bot with the links somehow, because you can’t ask the LLM to know them in advance!

Use the LLM as a natural language processor and supply it with the facts up-front in your prompt.

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