Can the OpenAI API generate active hyperlinks?

can the OpenAI API generate active hyperlinks in the given response like this?

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If you give the model a working hyper link and ask it to repeat it, it will do so. What exactly are you wanting to do with the hyper link?

I’m trying to understand what you are expecting, is it the fact you can click on it? (active)


It can generate links which may or may not work. With something like working hyperlinks, it tends to hallucinate a lot. So, If you are using them as a part of a pipeline, i would be very careful


GPT cannot browse the web, cite its sources, or accurately recall URLs from its training data. It will likely hallucinate and try to come up with URLs when asked, but no guarantee that they are valid.

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I’m playing on the Playground, I want when OpenAI gives a response in the form of a link, the link is active and immediately redirects to the web browser when clicked, is that possible? in fact not active

Hyper links are simply text in a specific format, how that is rendered on the screen and the interactivity with the user is part of the browser/application displaying it, not the text itself.

In the example you show there the page element is not hyperlink aware, you could build such a text box, but the AI is not able to make it clickable itself, you oculd ask the model how to code that feature.


The “Playground” does not have HTML rendering capabilities or automatic interpretation like you might write into your own client.

The typical way to ask for a web-rendered output that is richer is to ask for markdown format for particular types of data in your system instructions. Then put a markdown to html render library after the AI output. That is much easier than having the AI write actual HTML code ( <a href="http: web link… > etc ) as it already has training.