Is it possible for the API to output hyperlink for particular words


I am a developer who is new to OpenAI and is currently building a workout generator with the OpenAI API. I want to know if it’s possible for the API to output hyperlinks that direct to a website that provides instructions to the exercise generated. If it’s currently possible, then how can I make it happen? If it’s not possible, then can I use a separate AI API for making a video on how to do the exercise?

If anyone can confirm on whether I can add hyperlinks to the output text for particular words then that would be great.

Thanks in advance :smile:

The ai has rather old knowledge of the web.

If you want the ai to provide links to other people’s sites, you’d want it to do a web search first, by writing your own custom function the ai can call.

Or you need to give it knowledge about your own company and site.

Then it’s just a matter of telling it when it should offer links along with its answers. It’s been programmed to easily make links in markdown format, as that is what chatgpt uses internally.

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If you have a particular website, where you’d like the questions to be answered from, then here’s a tutorial by OpenAI using embeddings.