Export data from ChatGPT and email issue

Hello everybody! :wave:

I too seem to have experienced the same challenge most people here have reported… (i.e. after upgrading to pro plan, the data export feature stops working as expected.) That said, I bring hopeful tidings! :tada:

After tinkering around on and off with different troubleshooting strategies throughout today, a few minutes ago I succeeded in using the data export feature as usual (email and all). Of course, my solution had to come at what was literally the least methodical couple of minutes of my day. So instead of verifying each step, I jumped around trying several things at once and was rewarded finding a way to get my data exports once again.

So… while I can’t say for certain which step did the trick, I’m happy to share what I think may be the most likely steps I took that may have caused/contributed to the fix:

  • I somewhat accidentally toggled my ‘Chat History & Training’ setting off and quickly then back on when I worryingly saw my chat history disappear before my eyes (nicely, it came right back after toggling the setting back on).
  • I also toggled off the my ‘Web browsing’ and ‘Plugins’ settings temporarily. I may or may not have attempted a data export again at this point, but I have since toggled them back on, so I’m not clear on whether the toggling action or the disabling action specifically were relevant factors.

A few other things I tried that I suspect were less consequential included:

  • Removing the Google Chrome shortcuts (Settings->More tools->Create shortcut) I recently created from my Chrome apps (chrome://apps/)
  • Visiting chat[.]openai[.]com from my mobile device and logging back in after being prompted, which felt a bit like I may have been using an old session (possibly one before having switched to pro plan.)
  • Hard-refreshing the chat[.]openai[.]com vigorously after any settings change ‘just in case’ :joy:

One of my more methodical attempts earlier today included switching to Firefox from Chrome and also trying to use the export feature about 10 times in a row every few seconds. Nothing seemed to come from that, this is specially interesting given that if the feature was merely working in a delayed schedule, well… my inbox would have filled up with several data export download notification emails, which still hasn’t happened.

In brief, toggling off and on the settings, and in particular the ‘Chat History & Training’, could fix this issue. Otherwise, it’s possible (though less likely) that there are times throughout the day in which the feature works as expected and other times when it doesn’t. Or perhaps some miracle worker fixed the issue a few minutes ago? :pray:

In any case… I’ve gotta dash out of here as I still have several things to get done, but I hope this info helps some of you get your data exports sooner, or at least give ya some hope and point you in a better direction.


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update: was able to export successfully again. fine. :slight_smile:

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@arty Just tried exporting and it works. I haven’t done anything to try and fix it.

So the possibility that it so happended that the fix landed right in the midst of your tinkering seems the most likely explanation.

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Still isn’t working for me! :frowning: I know it’s a lot of data but it’s still less than 100K

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Great to know it’s fixed for you too! :raised_hands:

And agreed, a timely fix may have been the game-changer in the end :partying_face:

Works for me now. Big thanks to the development team that fixed it.

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Started working again for me the day after I posted my first comment.

Not getting email I followed all the suggested steps but had no success. can someone help me to get the data exported, please? I really appreciate it. Thanks!!

I have the same problem. I also tried all suggested steps but had no success. Can anyone help, please? Thanks in advance!