Exploring My Future Prospects in Artificial Intelligence - Seeking Guidance

Hello everyone,

I am a structural engineer with 15 years of experience, based in Europe, working primarily in the development of finite element analysis for large-scale construction projects. My role also involves the coordination of project deliverables, team management, and programme oversight.

Lately, I’ve found myself increasingly drawn towards AI technology, particularly ChatGPT. It’s been a valuable resource in my work and I see it as a promising field for future exploration. However, given my background and expertise, I realize jumping directly into programming might not be the most suitable path.

Therefore, I’d appreciate your input: what could be a good starting point for someone like me to delve deeper into this field? I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions, and I’m eager to learn from this community.

Thank you.


Welcome to our growing dev community.

I would recommend reading/watching if you don’t want to get your hands dirty with code yet.

These guys are great and have some really good interviews / discussions…

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