Excessive charge coincides with change in billing OpenAI Security Breach?

3 days ago we got an email saying that the billing has changed and we need to deposit funds in order to continue using the API.
we averaged $3 per month usage since August 2023 in total $23
So I logged in and Deposited $50
I noticed $28 disappeared immediately and wondered if they had somehow recharged us for all our usage.
Anyways 2 days later the $50 has gone, when I look at the usage it was GPT4-Turbo all in the last 3 days.

I never use GPT4 or GPT-Turbo because they’re too slow I use GPT3-Turbo because I need the speed.
Also I’ve not done any API request in the past 3 days

This is not a coincidence, its not my security, it’s OpenAI’s security that is at fault here, I’ve changed nothing

Feeback: Worst support ever BTW.

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I got a replay and a refund, But I’m still reluctant to deposit funds in the system. Last time $50 went missing!

Feedback: Support OK
Chat bot: Still embarrassingly Terrible
Suggestion: OpenAI should announce a competition to create a Helpful. Fun. Joy to use Chat bot with a prize of helping the creator devlop it into a product.


More likely than not, if your key was compromised it would be because of less than perfect security on your end. It’s extremely easy for a developer of any level and experience to misplace a key or not completely secure everything when pushing changes to production… It happens… Constantly.


Ooo perhaps you’ll be promoted from “Leader” to Clairvoyant Leader” for your dismissive response, you appear to be frustrated or irritated?
is hanging around forums being provocative boring?

Ohh wait I don’t care !!
I’ll not be coming back

if I want to play with Trolls I’ll play an MMORPG.

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Friend, we see like a dozen of these posts every week. It is always, without fail, a case of the user putting their API somewhere accessible on the client side.

Every, single, time.

Everyone swears up and down that it’s an OpenAI issue, until we drill down into exactly what they’re doing and why it’s insecure.

Until you are moved away from your position of

there isn’t anything anyone can do to help you.

I apologize if I wasn’t as warm and cuddly as you would have liked. Topics like this accomplish nothing but the spreading of FUD, and so I have very little patience for them.

I’m glad you got your refund, but unless you are willing to audit your systems critically and honestly you will almost certainly continue to experience excessive charges from misuse of your leaked keys.

Feel free to let me know in a few months if I deserve that “Clairvoyant” upgrade to my flair or not.