"Error talking to..." whenever Custom GPT tries external action

I just get “Error talking to” whenever WebGPT:robot: tries an external action. Nothing in our spec has changed, nothing on our backend has changed. The only thing that changed was we were wrongly delisted (again) and appealed, and since won the appeal (and should be restored), but everyone is reporting this same behavior when using WebGPT still no matter what I do in the configuration of the GPT Builder. There are no useful debug outputs either in the Preview.

Considering that Web3 Requests, built on the same backend using the same systems and same OpenAPI Spec for function calls, still works just fine, it clearly isn’t a configuration error or DNS issue. There’s something on OAI’s side specifically preventing WebGPT from using these external functions that Web3 Requests is allowed to.

Try deleting the action and re-creating it.

Occasionally the definition of a GPT will become corrupted.