Error saving draft when building a new GPT

Getting this error constantly → related to the outage? Constantly getting this error


Update: It’s fixed, try our GPT here:


Same issues here…maybe its the outage issue. Can someone pls share the solution?


The behavior seems inconsistent, probably due to the outage. It eventually works if you come back to it later.

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Speaking of errors, is anyone able to upload files? This button does not work for me.


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same here, how can i save lot of stuff what i put in my new gpts i chatgpt cant save draft?

I’ve just been dragging files into the editor because the upload button isnt working for me either

i still cant save my GPT…hopefully i can save it later

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Yeah. I wonder if there is any material difference to the quality of response you get uploading versus pasting, for example in Data Analysis. My experience has actually suggested pasting performs better than uploading.

i have the same error… i thought maybe it was due to browser or browser data so changed browser and still same issue :frowning:


I am still facing the same issue Error saving draft, any update on this?

When I click the Update button is see this error message. Unable to load your builder profile

OpenAI status page say everything is good.

Yep, same here. Took me a long time and many repeated attempts to upload some knowledge file. The test shows that the GPT works fine, but I am unable to save it (tried all 3 options to no avail).

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Hey everyone, I’m also having the issue “Error Saving GPT” with all three saving options.

Has anyone managed to save their GPT?

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I managed to save a GPT this morning, UK time. But form this afternoon I can’t save any more.

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Thanks! So we can assume it is a temporary outage.

Yup same. Was able to build something, partially save it, but now getting repeated error - can’t save.

UK based. Been trying to save for a few hours, not much luck

I just kept spamming it until I saw a successful request under 'inspect element> networks" and then I saw my information was saved.

Just saw in the console that there is a limit to the number of files that can be uploaded to the knowledge base, max 10.


Spamming requests while the folks at OpenAI are trying to deal with what looks like a DDoS attack will really not help anything.

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