Error saving draft when building a new GPT

Do we know how big these files can be? Like the word limit?

Switch to ‘configure’ and check you haven’t got more than 10 files there ready to upload.

Once you’ve checked that, you might need to try a few times before the publish goes through, because of the current DDOS issues.

I’m still getting this error too, as of Nov 9 - 4pm GMT

11:14 am est and still having the same issue. Early morning there was no issue saving but now, can’t save anything. Constantly getting hammer by “error saving GPT”.

Same my way at 11:26 pm est. I cant save anything.

It’s 16:31 in the United Kingdom.

How can we report this outage? There also has little info about the limitations and parameters of building your GPT

Also all the pre-made GPT’s that were visible are no longer there. Only the option to create a new custom one.

Saving is working for me again. Seems like the problem is fixed.

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Oh, everything is back, including those that were not being saved! They are actually there.

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Saving ability is still not working for me.

when uploading a doc, start in the “create window” and add the document using paper clip icon. The doc will upload after submitting message and appear in the configure page under Knowledge. Make sure to update the draft to save contents…this should work. Hope this helps you or anyone else…

#9 Something random so I can post similar

I managed to get it going - it seems the limit of 10 files in the knowledge was my issue.

Problem now is that it will save but not publish. I have “unpublished changes” beside update and it won’t go even when it says it has been published.

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I just spend the evening organizing 100s of files and naming them in order to train a GPT. i uploaded all of them, but I had to do it in chuncks and keep track of what I uploaded…now I can’t even save the GPT.
6:46 ET Nov 9 2023


Same here, uploaded a lot of stuff and can’t save :smile:

Had the same issue, but about 10 minutes ago I could start saving again(and the UI changed).

GPT creation UI is too unreliable right now.


It seems that after 10 files uploaded, the error pops up.

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After having removed files to match a total of 10, saving worked.