Error in imput stream - It happens to me almost every time

This happened to me at least 3 times a day. Basically, ChatGPT generates a code for me, but doesn’t get to finish it. I have no way to tell if the code is good or bad, and the only way to continue the discussion is to give REGENERATE

I can’t even answer the question: Was this response better or worse?

How to answer if the code is half done and I can’t test it?

So I have to REGENERATE. And that means telling ChatGPT, indirectly, that I am not satisfied with the code version. Or that the code is not good.

However, the code may be good, given that it is unfinished.

Why does this error happen so often? It has been written about her countless times.

Same, I will not renew my GTP4 sub. I tested it for a month and it crashes every single prompt. I can’t do anything. it seems unable to do what I want and even when I ask for simple responses it gives long ones and crashes. I just keep submitting thumbs down reports.

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