Aug 3 version prompts regenerate when pasting code, gets stuck, resets after 5-10 mins

This issue has been occurring since the Aug 3 version. When i paste code into the chat, it gets stuck and prompts the regenerate message, then no matter what I do , refresh the page, regenerate, logout.login and try to paste the code in again, same error.

But it seems to reset itself after about 5 to 10 minutes and then asks “verify you are human Cloudfare” message, and then it works again allowing me to paste code in. The code is not excessive, only 3000 characters, well below the limit. after about another 15mins or so, it seems to do this again.
Why? So frustrating.

is there a time with GPT-4 where the system stops generating and makes you wait for 10 minutes and then rests prompting you if you are human??

this has only occurred since Aug 3 version.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Since the August 3rd update, code prompts have been completely broken for many many users. You’ll see tons of reports here and on Reddit, all having issues with either coding prompts, some with just long prompts in general. In my case, long prompts work fine if they are english only, but even a simple javascript function will trigger this error.

I have confirmed this affects my friends account as well, they too can’t submit prompts with code in them since the August 3rd update. The usual suggestions “clear cache/disable extensions/disable vpn/try different device” etc do not work, which is obvious since the issue is so particular to the type of prompt you send and not just a general reliability issue.

When the issue arises, and there is no pattern to it, but normally after 30 mins to a few hours, it gets stuck, if I wait say 10 mins *make a coffee), then refresh the page, it bounces out to Cloudflare and then it verifies me as a human and then works ok after that for another 30mins to a few hours.

I also noticed that if you type a few sentences and not paste anything then the glitch often disappears.

Note: it might also be related to me using a VPN and getting disconnected, thought i am unsure of that)