Error in input stream / Error in moderation

I’m suddenly getting ‘Error in input stream’ in response to the first prompt of a session followed by ‘Error in moderation’ for every subsequent prompt from a custom model I’ve been working with for several days. Any ideas?


I too am seeing this error with the consumer version of ChatGPT, and there is an authentication error when accessing, seems the API is having issues.

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same here, comment for upvote, always shown “error in moderation”. (why is this forum always asking me incomplete sentence when I type my comment here?)

Mee too . Please help for this issues “Moderation Error”

Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 15.26.16
Error in Moderation

The very same problem here… started with input stream error, now error in moderation, and now unable login to the platform.

I am also seeing the Error in Moderation response. Does anyone know what the reason is?

Closing this duplicate topic.

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