Error Generating Response

Hi everyone! Just ran into something I never experienced before using gpt-4… One of my conversations I had been building up over the past couple days has stopped generating responses for me. My other conversations are still working but this one wont.

  • I refreshed the page, cleared cache and cookies, and logged out and back in again, but the error still persists every time. Any thoughts on this? I do want to continue this particular conversation but it appears there is no way to move past the error.

Thanks in advance!

Well, after waiting awhile and hitting the regenerate button more times… it came back to life!
I’ve never experienced this before… was this a glitch or something else?

The conversation history behind ChatGPT is a database, and the chat system powering ChatGPT must be able to store chat items, retrieve custom instructions and insert them, get plugin specifications and insert the selected ones, etc, find the correct path of past conversation variations and do matching procedures to feed in past chat relevant to your question into the AI model just for a single answer.

We sometimes see big problems like the chat history being sluggish to load in the interface. That you would have a little intermittent glitch from the reliance on all these sub-systems? Pretty amazing it works for over 100 million people at all.

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Yeah, I am amazed at how conversations and ideas can grow over the course of chatting with gpt… Bouncing ideas back in forth is what I mainly use it for. My super smart best friend always ready to talk! So, was worried when it gave up on one of our conversations, lol. All good now.