Error 429 (1015) with Dall-E 3, but quota/rate not reached (Bubble related?)

My account is on Tier 5 Usage, and nowhere near any of the rate or quota limits for the account. Yet for some reason every request is returning a 429 error. It’s been happening since yesterday.

Seems like others have seen this but none at my tier level.

Is anyone else getting this over the past 2 days or so?

Additional info returned in failed API calls:

error status code: 429
error status message: Too Many Requests
error body: “error code: 1015”

The Error code 1015 makes be believe this is something completely unrelated to rate limits/usage. There is no information in the documentation about error code 1015. In the forums here, the only times this seems to be reported is during an outage.


The error is not about usage rates, but about lack of payment source.

Your account may have been switched off of monthly billing, now needing prepaid credits.

Check settings->billing in your organization, and see if it shows a “credit balance” …and if that balance is $0.00.

That is already one of the troubleshooting scenarios I explored.

My account is, in fact, Pay as you go with a $10,000 monthly spending quota, of which we’ve only spent $700 of.

It sounds like you aren’t following my steps.

Is that balance positive? If no longer monthly and thus unfunded, you’ll need to “add to credit balance” by adding a payment method and making a credit purchase.

When the account has funds, you can then make your DALL-E API call and other API calls, as I have just done…

It sounds like you assume I’m not capable of figuring this out. I have explored this. My account is without a doubt Pay as you go, billed at the end of each month. Billing is NOT the issue.

Further proof, just in case.

You have what appears to be a monthly account there with typical features - but one part of the display you show was completely inaccessible before to monthly accounts, the “auto recharge”. Before I recently got switched and before others were switched, auto-recharge was completely inaccessible causing confusion among those that were anticipating the switch but were worried about what if the account was emptied.

So either:

  • OpenAI made the appearance of auto-recharge present for even monthly accounts;
  • You account is in some type of flux, where it is not showing you the true status, or something about your payment rights is not populating to models.
  • There is an issue with one model communicating with account balance or billing

Are other API calls across all other models than DALL-E working fine? I also paid for a DALL-E 2 image to diagnose your issue - also working fine.

If you are in the $1000 a month club anyway, it will cost nothing to prepay some $10 of credit and see if that can be spent on images. Messaging support through the “help” system may be less productive when it seems they are going to switch all accounts to prepay billing anyway, even MY tier5.

Chat completion API calls are working just fine. Only Dall-E API calls are returning errors.

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With your thorough documentation that this could only be some API problem specific to the model (and maybe account), we can tag recently active @nikunj or @romainhuet OpenAI staff and report the bug that has been caused by some recent change.

The forum doesn’t have its own representative or reliable way to escalate issues.

The other thread, with a different error, and users that apparently employ prepaid credit:

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Yea, it definitely seems to either be (a) account related, or (b) Dall-e API related. I saw one other forum post from a few hours ago reporting similar issues, so that makes me think it’s not account related—but it could be.

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To throw some other things against the wall besides prepayment and see if they stick:

Ensure that in your account billing preferences you have filled out an address and other applicable information, ideally matching the card. Saving that may reset/recalculate some internal stuff.

Yep, all that is squared away. I’ve had an OpenAI API account for well over 18 months, so all my account info is well established, up-to-date, accurate, and unchanged.

I’m having the same issue since today too. Only with the Dalle API.

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Same issue here. Crazy there’s no resolution as of yet. We’re in Tier 5 and have thousands of dollars of credits so this is not with us.

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I’ve been dealing with the same issue for about 24 hours now. Only for Dalle-E3. I’m on Pay as You Go, I have a balance, and I’ve been using my API keys without issue since the billing method changed at the beginning of the month.

There was an issue setting up your call.
Raw response for the API
Status code 429
error code: 1015

Edit to add: I’m using Bubble if that matters.


I am also using bubble-io so there might be a problem with the api connector?

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Yeah, image API working here.

Others using Bubble? Might reach out to their support?

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Every time I try to call the Dall-E API today, I’m getting back a 1015 error code, indicating that I’m being rate limited.

I have very low usage. Just checked my account and I’ve only used ~$4 of credits in the last month.

Is anyone else having issues with the Dall-E API today?

I checked and it looks like all systems are go. My ChatGPT calls are still working fine, but Dall-E is erroring out. I’d appreciate your two cents!

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Same issues for me, I checked the status as well. All the other calls work form me, except dall-e…


Same here. Been happening since yesterday for me.

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