Dall-E 2 Api Issue: Billing hard limit has been reached

Hi. Have anyone got this error when trying to use the API:

“error”: {
“code”: “billing_hard_limit_reached”,
“message”: “Billing hard limit has been reached”,
“param”: null,
“type”: “invalid_request_error”

I created my account today and from my understanding you should be able to generate images. 10 each minute.

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Got the same issue :frowning:

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just switch to the paid account, maybe your credits have expired or you dont have any left.

I got the same error with free credits. I have just paid for DALL-E credits and I still get the same error!

EDIT: I also had to add a payment method in Settings for the API to work

EDIT2: Don’t spend money on DALL-E credits, they do not work with the API

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same error here on a paid account.

Says i used $167.33 even tho my hard limit is $120.00

under usage i only used $24.01 / $120.00.
Got an email I hit my soft limit at 3:24 am and hard limit at 3:51 am.

pretty frustrating on my production app.

Okay, so I’m not the only one experiencing this. I still have $17 left in credits, and a $50 limit that is nowhere near being reached. But for some reason, I’m getting this same error message.

Getting the same issue with plenty of credits left as well.

I just checked and I’m also getting a similar error with the GPT-3 api.

Isn’t it great when this stuff happens on a Friday night when support takes the weekends off? :joy:

Same error. Even though I just created my account.

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Has anyone reached out to support to check yet?


Good luck!

Hi, I have reached out to support but my conversation ended 2 days ago and I’ve not heard anything since. I have credits available but I am seeing the billing hard limit has been reached.

I’m currently just trying to send a sea otter sample image generation but I’m getting this error:

      "code": "billing_hard_limit_reached",
      "message": "Billing hard limit has been reached",
      "param": null,
      "type": "invalid_request_error"

Even though I have credits and I am sending everything as per the docs.

I’m trying to write a talk about this and build a package, so I don’t have much time. I only need a proof of concept but I can’t even generate one image yet via the API…

Does anyone have any other advice of what to try? I’ve added my payment card (although I haven’t purchased anything yet).

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Has anybody figured this out??

I was generating 3 images per day (some more the first day) and then I started getting this error. And the strange thing is, I got an API key for another separate account and I am getting the error since the very first request.

Shouldn’t the limit be in the order of 50 images/day for free??

I’m experiencing the same issue. I connected the API for the first time and it said a hard limit was reached, but when I go under usage it doesn’t show anything. I hope to get a fast response to this issue!

I ran into this issue when I was using a free account. When I switched over to a paid account, I had to make a new API key and use the new one moving forward to no longer receive the hard limit error.


Same issue here, both Dall-E and Turbo 3.5. Still have a lot of balance and not allowing me to use it :frowning:

Free credits are granted to early adopters of DALL·E who signed up before April 6th, 2023. They expire 30 days after they are granted.
Free credits replenish in 30 days (billing period), examples:

  • Joined on August 3rd, free credits will refill on September 3rd;
  • Joined on the 29th, 30th, or 31st of any month, free credits will refill on the 28th of every month;

The credits for these accounts are 50 images per billing period (30 days) that one may or may not use in one day.
I am not aware of other image limits - but if we use the API incurs into tokens usage.

The two options:

  1. most probable: wait for the next billing period;
  2. less probable: contact OpenAI support to see if they can increase the limit.

The current usage and billing details of DALL-E are not shown on the OpenAI billing page (platform). It is inside of the All-models API usage in the platform.

The only credit information available is clicking on the avatar, at top-right on Dall-e page:
meaning 14 images credited until the next billing period. I think it is not cumulative: so, it will be the same 50 images credit limit, and not 64 (=14+50).

Same error here (billing_hard_limit_reached)
Purchased credits a few days ago, but still stuck :frowning:
Did anyone receive an answer from the support ?

same error, have you found any solution to it. please reply in case you have found any

I have the same error on Plus (paying account) for using the API in a Figma Plugin (Dall-e Bro).
The date is 2023.06.12

I just started today. Got my first API key today. Got that same error. I check my usage and the bottom says that it expired June 1, 2023. Today is June 23. Somehow I was able to join a place where I had already expired half a month ago. Apparently I didn’t get the memo.