Dall-E 2 Api Issue: Billing hard limit has been reached

Hi. Have anyone got this error when trying to use the API:

“error”: {
“code”: “billing_hard_limit_reached”,
“message”: “Billing hard limit has been reached”,
“param”: null,
“type”: “invalid_request_error”

I created my account today and from my understanding you should be able to generate images. 10 each minute.

Got the same issue :frowning:

just switch to the paid account, maybe your credits have expired or you dont have any left.

I got the same error with free credits. I have just paid for DALL-E credits and I still get the same error!

EDIT: I also had to add a payment method in Settings for the API to work

EDIT2: Don’t spend money on DALL-E credits, they do not work with the API

same error here on a paid account.

Says i used $167.33 even tho my hard limit is $120.00

under usage i only used $24.01 / $120.00.
Got an email I hit my soft limit at 3:24 am and hard limit at 3:51 am.

pretty frustrating on my production app.

Okay, so I’m not the only one experiencing this. I still have $17 left in credits, and a $50 limit that is nowhere near being reached. But for some reason, I’m getting this same error message.

Getting the same issue with plenty of credits left as well.

I just checked and I’m also getting a similar error with the GPT-3 api.

Isn’t it great when this stuff happens on a Friday night when support takes the weekends off? :joy:

Same error. Even though I just created my account.

Has anyone reached out to support to check yet?


Good luck!

Hi, I have reached out to support but my conversation ended 2 days ago and I’ve not heard anything since. I have credits available but I am seeing the billing hard limit has been reached.

I’m currently just trying to send a sea otter sample image generation but I’m getting this error:

      "code": "billing_hard_limit_reached",
      "message": "Billing hard limit has been reached",
      "param": null,
      "type": "invalid_request_error"

Even though I have credits and I am sending everything as per the docs.

I’m trying to write a talk about this and build a package, so I don’t have much time. I only need a proof of concept but I can’t even generate one image yet via the API…

Does anyone have any other advice of what to try? I’ve added my payment card (although I haven’t purchased anything yet).

Has anybody figured this out??

I was generating 3 images per day (some more the first day) and then I started getting this error. And the strange thing is, I got an API key for another separate account and I am getting the error since the very first request.

Shouldn’t the limit be in the order of 50 images/day for free??

I’m experiencing the same issue. I connected the API for the first time and it said a hard limit was reached, but when I go under usage it doesn’t show anything. I hope to get a fast response to this issue!