Enable External Source in Custom Instructions for ChatGPT


Currently, ChatGPT’s custom instructions only allow text-based input and do not support linking to external sources. For businesses that already have a rich library of documentation, FAQs, or other resources, this limitation restricts the utility of custom instructions.

Proposed Solution:

Allow the integration of external Sources within the custom instructions field. These Sources can point to:

  1. Publicly accessible web sources
  2. Restricted-access platforms that require a login


  1. Efficiency: Directly linking to existing product documentation allows for real-time updates to custom instructions without manual intervention, thereby enabling dynamic and accurate text generation for upselling, guidance, or other needs.
  2. Usability: Enhanced custom instructions can facilitate more personalized and context-rich interactions.
  3. Scalability: As the business grows and adds more documentation, there’s no need to constantly update the custom instructions manually.
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another benefit of this feature is users could version control custom instructions. For example, say the external source is Google Docs. One could lean on that platform’s version history/control.