GPTs intructions - How to include the source on the response

I am creating my first GPT, and currently struggling with the instructions to contain the source from where the information is taken.
I am adding a knowledge file to the GPT. This contains the content and the source URL of that serves as reference for that information.
If the GPTs uses the browsing capability should include the URL at the end.

I included this in the instructions but it is not working:
List source URLs that were mentioned on the knowledge source in the location you found the answer.

Example of content in knowledge file:

There are 415000 elephants weighing up to 7.5 tonnes.
Source URL: The state of the world’s elephant populations - Our World in Data

**Lions:**Lions are estimated to be between 23,000 to 39,000 lions in the world.
Source URL:,lions%20remain%20in%20the%20wild.

Question to GPT
How many lions exist in the world?

Ideal answer:
There are 23 000 to 39 000 lions.

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What is the output that it produces?

I see the outcome you want, but I’m not sure I understand what you want the custom GPT to do in order to get it to do what you want. If I’m understanding this correctly, you have a knowledge doc(s) that has facts and a URL citation, correct? Why do you need the browsing capability here if the facts are already beside the source URL? Are you wanting to process data from inside the websites, or just directly return the information from the knowledge file?

I want the custom GPT to give some answers based on the content of the knowledge file.
The knowledge file is structured into different sections. Each section contains a source.

When the knowledge file can’t answer the question we want that the custom GPT uses the browsing capability to try to answer.

I managed to get the results I wanted by including an example on the instructions.

In your response you must include at the end of your answer the “source of information”, when it is available in the files provided. Example: Source of information: National Geographic

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