Embedding chat shared links in existing pages

Shared links recently started rolling out per:

Unfortunately the visuals for embeds on these links are not great:

I would love to have a prettier “onebox” which means we would need some official API to grab the conversation based on a conversation id. Rendering this inline is beneficial for multiple reasons (better privacy, better performance).

Looking at the specific implementation. #__NEXT_DATA__ already stores an undocumented JSON object with the full conversation. I worry about slurping stuff out of there cause it is undocumented and could likely break

The feature request here is in multiple parts

  1. For the lazy… an iframe based solution would be nice, this would require some layout changes, perhaps something like https://chat.openai.com/share/df46285e-0111-4896-8899-4153eb547722/iframe could be made to work here?

  2. For the less lazy… an object model holding the conversation would be nice https://chat.openai.com/share/df46285e-0111-4896-8899-4153eb547722/json

  3. Overall Open Graph in the existing implementation is hindering more than it is helping. og:url and og:title are at odds with <title> which is the correct title. og:description could contain a conversation summary.

Thoughts OpenAI?