Embed OpenAI Assistants to websites

Hi All,

I am an independent developer and have built Predictable Dialogs which can be used to embed your openAI assistant to your website.

You can go to https://predictabledialogs.com/agents, login, fill in your api key and assistant id to get the widget code!

Please do try it and let me know if you have feedback to improve.

Here are some websites which use this code and many more.



PS: The chat widget code is open source and available here: https://github.com/Predictable-Dialogs/agent-embed

The server code is written in nestjs and I would like to open source the parts of the code related to interfacing with the chat widget and the code which talks to the openAI assistant API. I need help to do that, so anyone who understands nestjs and can help in this, please do DM me.

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Hello Dear ,
I visit your beautiful Website which is designed very good . Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely check out Predictable Dialogs and see how it integrates with my website. If I have any feedback, I’ll be sure to let you know.