Eightball.com - Infinite Knowledge (Talk To Shakespeare)

I’m building Eightball.com an “Infinite Oracle” that summons famous people - dead and alive, fictional and real - to answer all life’s questions:

I started this project as a fun and casual way of learning and experimenting with AI as part of the #HustleGPT challenge that I’m sure many of you have heard about. You can find my initial tweet about it here:

I’ve got the main site functionality working, but Shakespeare is the only Oracle that is currently available. I decided it best to start small, keep it simple, and add oracles one-by-one to make it fun and exciting for both me and whoever cares enough to pay attention.

Shakespeare provides a response, and then tries to shill you a product on Amazon in a fun and delightful way. I thought this would be a fun first try at monetization: should I only allow him to recommend books?

My next step is add social sharing so people can create specific URLs for results they enjoy so they can share with friends.

I built 99.9% of this, including the Amazon Affiliate Link Rewriter, just by asking ChatGPT 4 how I can accomplish stuff and taking its advice. Absolutely amazing! (that’s a pat on OpenAI’s back, not my own.)

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