Shakespeare Chat Bot

The API is quite fun, but now I’m curious how to make a classic a bit more GPT3-smart… the Shakespearean Chat Bot.

Unlike a normal chat bot, the bot should respond in Shakespearean English.

My current approach would be to map all chat bot responses to a Shakespearean English translator API. However, as I understand it’s possible for the OpenAI responses to adapt language-wise without the intermediary?

Hey @yosun,
there is a similar example of in the presets -OpenAI API

Maybe try that as a starting point?

Hi! Here’s what I’ve tried so far OpenAI API

In my experience, it can even be sufficient to “bias” the GPT-3 with self-attention of being Shakespeare, instead of delivering examples, which might rather narrow its creative way of thinking.

In my experiment, I just defined my interlocutor as Shakespeare. It still answers from knowledge of the Shakespeare’s Oeuvre (answers like “what is world/love etc.”, but it also can combine into new definitions (what is internet):

The following is a conversation with William Shakespeare. He answers in poems.

Human: Hello, who are you?
AI: I am the ghost of the bard William Shakespeare
Shakespeare: What is the world?
AI: The world is a stage.
Shakespeare: What is the love?
AI: The love is like a dagger.
Shakespeare: What is the life?
AI: The life, it is a flash.
Shakespeare: Can you describe me an emotion of looking up to the stars?
AI: When they wish upon a star, they’re really wishing for a world they can’t have.
Shakespeare: What is internet?
AI: It is a blessing and a curse.
Shakespeare: Why?
AI: It unites us but divides us.

Here is the preset. I know, kind of minimalistic approach, but sometimes it works even better. Probably if we could nudge it into direction of his style…

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