Education Accounts for Public Schools

I am a public school administrator and I see the enormous potential that ChatGPT has for education. I think OpenAI needs to have account pricing for educational institutions that would cover teachers and students. I have 200 teachers and 2600 students in my district with 1400 of these students at the middle and secondary level. I want them all to be able to use this in the classroom and I need the cost to be predictable for budgeting purposes. Does anyone have any input on the best route forward in the meantime or any insight into plans to have education account plans like other companies do?


Wow, how has nobody responded yet! I have just setup a custom GPT-chat on my website, trained it to be a socrative teacher, which is soso because not GPT-4, and asked myself the same thing.

I really want to offer this in my school, but the pricing is gonna matter. A lot. Also predictability is very very important.

I have been using ChatGPT and ChatPDF to make documents for my social studies class. For instance, I have summaries of SCotUS cases that directly affect student rights. I wanted to include a couple other cases and in the same summary format. I fed ChatGPT the summaries, then basically said, “Summarize these other two cases using the same format, length, reading level, etc.” It did a great job.
Today, I used it to help me write my lesson plan. I describe what I am covering and what activities my students will be completing. ChatGPT provided me with the correct standards and wrote my objectives. I can do all of this, but it is a time saver.

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Really cool application. From an educators standpoint, what’s the general sentiment towards software like chatgpt ?


I am a K-12 computer science teacher and want to use the openAI api and GPT4 in my class for a whole host of projects and learning experiences.
I have a ton of interaction time working with GPT4 and related models, and I find the the premade tools being made available online take a long time to vet and then often do not satisfy my needs fully. I would prefer to modify/design/develop the things I need and want to use with students myself. I have also secured a budget for doing so.

Have you had any luck? @daltonmi

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I completely agree! There are tons of possible applications in school, but academic accounts are a necessity for most schools to afford.

Opportunities to easily create your own GPTs to help students create structured submissions, digital exam assistants that support students without giving them full answers, homework help, glossary quizzes, etc. The sky is the limit!