Early questions from makemy.bio: dating app assistant

Looking for feedback, ideas, critiques…about the product, design, features and pricing.

I’m not sure about pricing the service. Right now, it is a monthly ‘credits’ (requests) system. Other dating help services offer one-time packages; does a subscription make sense? Should I ask users what they want to pay? Find a way to make it free?

Early users: English is not first language, they like how it writes dating app bios in English for them; if that helps answer any of these questions. Should I develop features that cater to these early users?


Interesting, thanks for sharing!

I like that the site is very clean and minimal, but perhaps overly so, to the point of being rough around the edges (it seems a bit under-designed, maybe you could check out templates from sites like Unbounce or Webflow).

In terms of pricing, I think an app like this might be a bit of a hard-sell, but a very low-cost monthly subscription could make sense, as long as it’s (far) cheaper than a dating app subscription price.

I’m not sure that users who pay for a dating app (e.g. Tinder premium subscription), would pay more than a small fraction on a supplementary service, so I’d really try to make the pricing as low as possible (e.g. $1/month).

I’d also look into making it an Android + iOS app, as most dating app users are on their phones, not desktop browsers.


Thank you, @joey ! Invaluable insights, thanks for taking a look.

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I dont understand where you going with this. But you need more spicy adult content to succeed on the “datting”

“I have a dog named Lilly who is an absolute mess when I’m gone. But that’s okay. In the end, I think it’s all worth it because she loves living and I just let her live her life.”

I think this is so much better than cliché spicy adult content, which no one wants to hear and doesn’t help start conversations. I made this app to help people who struggle to express themselves with language.

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You might want to show some example screenshots. I’m not eager to sign up on a site without knowing if it’s one of those things that are collecting emails for a waitlist before they even build it.

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This long overdue improvement; thanks for the tip.

This is awesome! Great for me :upside_down_face: I’ll let you know if I find anybody

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:smile: same. These dating apps are rough, though. I’ve been thinking about a “Meet Cute” feature–kind of a departure from the chatbot Adventure Game–to support organic love discovery IRL.

Just plug in a few examples of the best love stories of all time and BAM. Love.

I tried to make a dating chat bot. It did not work that well. I am quite curious about your solution

Tried to login using google account - errors out

Logged in.
Looks great !
I got a good bio after 3-4 tries.
Did you perform any finetuning on your current model ?

Hey, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I have not finetuned. Do you think the outputs will get better after finetuning?

I kind of like…how odd it can get, but somehow stay true to the inputs essence.