Does keeping the plugin in the sidebar the same as installing it?

Hi, I just upgraded my Chat-GPT free to GPT Plus

So I was watching this YouTube tutorials from several months ago and the way to use plugins is install them first.

However, it seems that it is no longer case the case. Right now, you can select the plugin you like and “keep it in the sidebar”. Is keeping in the sidebar the equivalent of installing the plugin from several months ago?

When you use the general chat (Not the Plugin chat input) to send query, how does Chat-GPT know which plugin to use?

It doesn’t use any plugins.

These are not plugins these are GPTs. In settings, you can go to beta features and turn on Plugins.

NOTE: Plugins are being replaced by GPTs

I was using GPTplugins with Wolfram. It worked perfectly. I asked to plot a 2D grid. It was there in several seconds. I asked to do the same in 3D. It was done prompltly. I asked to transform the 2D grid under rorations, Lorentz transformations. It was done. I asked to transform the grid under special conformal transformations. Done withe any problems. I was able to do all calculations and plots using Wolfram plugin.
Now, plugins are replaced b y GPTs. I used the Wolfram gpt. It was no even a shadow of the perfomance of GPTplugins with Wolfram. Nothing of above was able to do the Wolfram gpt. After a lot of trouble it designe a 2D grid. There was no possibility to generalize it to a 3D grid.
Does there exist a Gpt with the same abilities as the GPTplugins with Wolfram?

Thats interesting.

I dont know any GPT yet that has the same abilities with GPTplugins with Wolfram.

Thanks brother.

Any difference between plugins and GPTs?

Not much, you can still try them out as they have not been removed yet. You can turn on plugins in the beta section in your settings window.

I cannot start a new chat with plugins. Only the old chats still use plugins. As they announced, this will stop working that way in April.

I am very disappointed, that the Wolfram Gpt does not work like the GptPlugins with Wolfram.